Table of Contents

Abbreviations and Acronyms
PART I: The Target Technologies an Enabling Structures
Chapter 1. Space
1.1 Major Representative Pilot Projects for which Nigeria SAT-1 Data Were Used  79
1.2 A Bill for an Act to Establish the National Space Research and Development Agency (extracts)  87
1.3 Road Map for Nigerian Space Mission-2005 2030 (extracts)  89
1.4 Report of Investigative Hearing on NigComSat-1  98
Chapter 2. Information and Communication Technologies  107
2.1 National Information Technology Development Agency Act, 2007 (extracts)  147
2.2 National Information & Communication Technology ICT Policy (extracts)  150
2.3 National ICT Infrastructure Backbone (NICTB)  155
2.4 Address-Commisioning of Galaxy Backbone Pic. Head Office Abuja Metropolitan Area Network and Government Data Centre Facility  163
Chapter 3. Biotechnology
3.1 Marine and Coastal Wetlands Resources  231
3.2 Status of Genetic Resources Conservation and Use in Nigeria  243
3.3 Chemical Technology Applications for Nigerian Bioresources Utilization and Management (extracts)  251
3.4 Biosafety Guidelines  259
3.5 Extracts: National Biosafety Management Agency Act 2011  267
Chapter 4. Energy
4.1 Wind Energy Resource Mapping and Related Works  301
4.2 Jatropha: Promotion of the Adoption and Production Background  305
4.3 Roadmap for the Generation of Electricity from Nuclear Sources in Nigeria. Report of the technical committee, January 2005 (extract)  308
Chapter 5. Climate Change, Environment and Adaptation  315
5.1 The Green Wall Sahara Project
PART II: Foundations Required For Joining the Hi-Tech Revolution
Chapter 6. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises  375
Policies, Incubation Centres, Success Stories
Chapter 7. Capacity Building  421
Formal Education, Informal Education, Professionalization of Skills, Proprietary Knowledge, Contributions of Diaspora
Chapter 8. Support Systems  453
Nigerian National Science Foundation, Intellectual Property Rights; Management, Science Parks, Manufacturing Structures
Chapter 9. Globalization  511
Globalization, Foreign Direct Investment: Impact of Globalization, FDI, and Brain Drain; Sectors with Potential for investment, Africa's Great Asian Opportunity; Technology Inflows into Nigeria
Chapter 10. Reforms  537
Technology/Economy Status; Pillars: NEEDS, Honorary Presidential Advisory council. Implementation of Reforms (Harmonization of Institutions), National Research and Development Coordinating Council (with UNESCO etc); Bill for Establishment of STI Fund
10.1 Executive Summary of the National Economic Empowerment Development Strategy (NEEDS)  571
10.2 Peer Review of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology.  577
10.3 Position of the Ministry of Science and Technology on the Proposed National Research and Development Co-ordinating Council (NRDCC)  582